FLOX is a family-run business that supplies the city’s residents with the best fresh flowers in Melbourne.

After studying floristry, Emily teamed up with fellow flower enthusiast Mitch to make sure that Melbournians have the opportunity to live their best flower lives all year round.

We want to make at-home floristry a pure joy with zero hassle. To do this, we carefully select the finest seasonal fresh flowers and then hand-pack them into Small or Large boxes to be delivered the next day straight to our customers’ doors.

Once you receive your FLOX bouquet, you’re free to get creative and arrange your new bouquet into any style that grabs your fancy. If you need a little inspiration, check out the instructions on your box or head over to our Flower Care page where an instructional video explains how to make beautiful, florist-grade flower arrangements in your own home.

Our team supports other Melbourne-based businesses and places a heavy emphasis on locally sourced produce and recyclable packaging. We provide a next day delivery service (rather than same day) in order to reduce waste and cut down on excess fuel.

We curate, you create.