General Questions

Flood your life with colour on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis when you subscribe to FLOX. We’ll deliver fresh, seasonal flowers and foliage to your door (whether that’s a home door, office door or dog door is up to you!), with easy-to-follow care instructions and arrangement tips and tricks.

Our arrangements change on a weekly basis depending on what’s blooming best - the colour and variety will be up to Mother Nature. Our bouquets come with the option of a small or large size with instructions on how to best care for and arrange your flowers. We also offer the option of a personalised gift card if you’re treating someone special.

We carefully select our flowers to ensure your bouquet lasts a minimum number of days; however, to keep things interesting some flowers will bloom fast and early, while others will take a little longer to wake up. This means that your bouquet will evolve beautifully over time and, if you follow the instructions on our Flower Care page, ensure that you’re making the most out of your bunch.

If your flowers arrive looking a little droopy - don’t panic! Just like humans, flowers get a little tired, cranky and thirsty while travelling. A bit of rest, a quick trim and a good glug of fresh water and plant food will perk them up faster than you can say “pushing daisies” (more accurately, a few hours to perk up and up to 24 to start looking their best). Check out our Flower Care page for detailed instructions on how to care for your flowers.

If you send us a note to let us know which flowers to avoid, we’ll make sure to switch them out for another variety. However, if your allergy is life-threatening, please contact us directly so that we can discuss options. If we feel that it would not be possible to keep your bouquet 100% allergy-free then we reserve the right to decline your order on your behalf - however, we will always do our level best to accommodate in these circumstances.

Sad news but yes, you may cancel an order up to 24 hours before the delivery date (that’s 12:00 the day before delivery). If you miss this deadline, accept that your bouquet was simply meant to be.

No magic here, just an unbridled love of floristry and firm knowledge of flat-packing. Our doorstep flowers are carefully laid and wrapped top-to-tail in tissue paper, with some of the more delicate stems covered in a protective net.

We’ve created a dedicated page that details all the tips, ticks and care advice needed to ensure your bouquets stay in bloom and looking fresh for the longest time possible - click here to see our handy guide!

Managing My Account

Simply click here or choose Manage Subscription from the footer menu.

You sure can! Simply log into your account here, click on your order and pause. You can then reactivate it when you return.

Shipping & Delivery

Mondays through Saturdays (even flowers need one day off), excluding public holidays.

Orders placed with us before 10pm will be delivered the next day between the hours of 12:00 - 17:00.

If you’ve signed up to one of our subscriptions, your box will be delivered between the hours of 12:00 - 17:00 on the day of your choosing (except Sundays).

So long as you live within our catchment area for deliveries, shipment will be free of charge for subscriptions and one-off purchases. If you live a little further afield then we’ll specify shipping costs at checkout.

Our bouquets are designed to withstand a little waiting around on doorsteps; however, the more instructions you give our delivery drivers (e.g. “leave by the side gate in the shade and say ‘hi’ to Fido while you’re there”), the better!

Sure thing! We’ll send you a text when your delivery is on its way along with a link to track your driver’s route. 

A confirmation text will be sent via our trusted delivery partners over at Yello.

Subscribers will receive their flowers between 12pm and 5pm on a Thursday - newbies should order before 7pm on a Wednesday to receive their first subscription the very next day!

We've decided to provide a next day delivery service (rather than same day) in order to reduce waste and cut down on excess fuel.

Of course not - everyone deserves flowers in their life! Simply let us know whether someone will be in during the delivery window, if there’s a concierge that we can leave the delivery with, or if we can deliver your bouquet to a friend/neighbour/co-worker to accept on your behalf. Please also let us know if there are any specific delivery protocols our drivers need to follow in order to reach your apartment complex.

We’re very sorry to hear your box hasn’t arrived! Please send us an email asap so we can start investigating The Case Of The Missing Bouquet!