Your flowers have arrived - woohoo! Make sure you’re getting the most out of every beautiful blooming minute by following our easy Flower Care guide.

1. The battle is over - time to peel off your roses’ guard petals

The outermost petals of your roses* have been left on to protect the delicate inner layers while in transit. We like to think of these guys as ‘guards’ but once they’re at your door, their job is done. Gently pinch them away from the base of the bud to reveal the vibrant hues hiding underneath.

*If your bouquet does not contain roses, skip ahead to Step 2!

2. Travelling is thirsty work

Trim the base of your stems at an angle to help them rehydrate. When not submerged in water, stems tend to dry out which makes it harder for flowers to quench their thirst once they’ve reached the vase phase. Help them freshen up by snipping 3-5cm off the base at an angle.

3. There’s a height restriction, dahhling

Any leaves that fall below the waterline in your vase should be removed. If left on, they’ll quickly turn to mush, dirtying your water and causing your flowers to fade faster.

4. I think something can be arranged...

Arrange your bouquet into a beautiful bunch with these simple tricks:
- Trim your stems at four different lengths, with the smallest sitting at the rim of your vase.
- Arrange support stems into a teepee shape to the bouquet structure
- Keeping your vase still and placing the tallest stems at the back, add in your focal flowers one variety at a time. Voilà! 

We’re all ’bout that vase, ’bout that vase...

Choosing the right vase for your flowers primarily comes down to the size of your bouquet and the length of your stems (after trimming).

Pick a vase with a lip diameter similar to the width of your bouquet. Too small and your stems will be crushed, too large and you’ll lose the ability to arrange precisely.

Once some of the flowers have passed their prime, pull them out and transfer the remaining bouquet to a narrower vase to retain a sense of fullness.

For height, look for a vase that is ⅓ the length of your stems. If you’d like to use a shorter vase, you can always cut your flowers down to size (just remember to remove any leaves that fall below the waterline).

Colour-wise, if you have a vase that compliments your bouquet then go for it – if not then simple, clear glass goes with just about everything.

After Care

These final tips should grant your buds a long life:

  • It’s all about lighting: Flowers love natural light but nothing direct as the heat will cause them to wilt (same goes for artificial heat, e.g. a radiator).
  • But no fruit: Fresh fruit release gasses that are noxious to flowers and will make them wilt very quickly.
  • Snip, snip: Replace the water in your vase every 3 days and give your stems another 1cm haircut to keep them looking fresh.